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Last week I tested the new ZOX Genessis SN2 modular helmet with heated shield. Our trip started in Iron River MI and continued for a total of 10 hours and 250 miles. Plenty of time to test a helmet! It was about 20 out. I prewired my ATV for power to heat the shield.

First of all I will say what a joy it was to have a shield that did not fog up on the ride! The helmet weight is only 3.9 lb. This is very light for a modular helmet. It comes with the heated shield, breather mask, chin guard, Wire to connect to ATV, helmet bag and head sock. The quality of the helmet is awesome. The helmet fits about ½ a size small IMO. The finish is nice. The ventilation works great! Close vents and you are nice and toasty. Open them up and they work as they should. The flip up works great for the spring, summer and fall rides but if you wear the winter mask it is harder to close and you will need to adjust the mask to your nose when you close the helmet.

I did like being able to lift the front of the helmet up to talk to people or to get that open helmet affect while cruising down the trail. I loved the built in sunglasses. As all of you know there is nothing worse than turning on the trail and bam there is sun. With this helmet just flip a switch and instant sunglasses. This was also a nice feature to have when the visor was up. You are able to protect most of the face area with the sunglasses yet are still able to get fresh air. The strap system is a easy lock adjustable clip on.

The helmet also has room for speakers. We use communicators so this is a major + in our book. You can also with the click of 2 buttons remove the heated shield and install a regular shield. This helmet is also available without the heated shield. Over all the ZOX Genisses SN2 Modular helmet is a quality helmet for the price. Both in fit, finish and style. It’s a great all year helmet too! Any questions feel free to call the shop and ask for Thor! Remember at TheATVSuperStore we test what we sell. If we do not like it we will not sell it! This helmet is TheATVSuperStore APPROVED!