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All our plow systems come complete with the following;
*ATV plow mount made for your unit
* Eagle Quick connect push tub system. (easy on and off in seconds!)
*Blade - size & type of your choice
*Adjustable plow springs
*Ware bar
*Adjustable blade skids
*All blades angle manually left to right.

**All our 66" & 72" blades with also include rubber top flap & side markers at no extra charge**

TheATVSuperStore.com test unit with our American Eagle front mount plow.
Scroll to the very bottom for even more pictures.
Looking for a front or mid mount Eagle plow? We have them both!
These plows are by far the strongest we have tested to date. They areTheATVSuperStore.com approved! Please feel free to call us with any questions.
We test and use what we sell! 815-321-3888



Our Complete Plow System includes 1) Plow Blade, 2) Tube Runner, 3) FRONT Mounting Kit that fits your Quad.

NOTE: This plow must be used with a front mounted winch, which is not included. (Sold separately)

12 Gauge high allow steel blend. Available in Black and Yellow.
3" wide, 1/4" thick, 2 sided wear bar.
26 1/2 degree plow angle.
3/4" thick blade skids, thickest in the industry.

The new FRONT plow mount system hooks up and disconnects in seconds making it one of the easiest plow mount hook ups around. One piece front mount that easily bolts on made from heavy duty 7 gauge steel.

Hook up points are 5/8" round rod and use the same proven quick latch system that our regular plow has used for years.

The push tubes are built out of 1 1/2" square 11 gauge tubing (the heaviest in the industry). The mount part is made of 1/4" steel.

All you do is simply lift your push tubes up and roll your ATV into the mount, swing the quick latches in place, hook your winch cable to the push tubes and you are ready to go.


Eagle Belly Mount System

Bleu / American Eagle ATV Plows

The American Eagle has a five position adjustable blade angle with up to 26 1/2 degrees of angle. There are also adjustable blade pitch stops for maximum blade adjustment. It also features a solid 5/8" diameter blade positioning pin (largest in the industry). It comes standard with hardened 3/4" thick Ductile steel square steel tubing and has a 1/4" steel construction at all critical mounting points.
  • Quick Mount System: (Patent Pending)

  • To mount the plow you simply roll the ATV into the raised plow frame, and secure it with the Quick Latch. The Quick Latch bracket system features spring loaded swing latches which allows the operator to quickly attach the plow frame to the ATV mount without tools or having to line up the mounting holes.
  • American Manufacturing's ATV Plow Attaching System is the first and only ATV plow that uses a Patent Pending two part mount. This two part system consists of a Mounting Plate and the Universal Tube Frame Mount. Once the Mounting Plate is attached to the ATV you can simply slide on the Universal Tube Frame Mount and tighten four bolts. Before trail riding you simply loosen the same four bolts and slide the Universal Tube Frame Mount off. This system has the benefit of no loss of ground clearance, or any hanging parts to catch or bend. As an added bonus the Mounting Plate also doubles as a heavy-duty skid plate.

  • Mounting Plates and Quick Mount do not use U-bolts

  • No loss of ground clearance from protruding bolts when plow is removed

  • Quick Mount - No pins to lose or holes to line up

Plow Blade Construction

  • 12 gauge high alloy steel blend is 40% stronger by weight than other blades.

  • Available in 50", 60" and 72" Standard Blades, and 50", 60" and 72" Country Plows (rubber flap is included on Country Plows only)

  • Available in Black and Yellow

  • 3"-wide, 1/4" thick, double-sided wear bar

  • 26 1/2 degree plow angle

  • 3/4"-thick Blade Skids - thickest in the industry

Swivel Construction

  • 5/8" Blade Swivel Pivot Mount

  • 1/2" Blade Mounting Pivots

  • Swivel is constructed of 3/8" thick material and 1 3/4" angle iron for strength and wear

  • Swivel attaches to blade 20" apart for the strongest blade mounting system

  • Built-in blade stops to prevent dented blades

  • 5 pivot positions provide up to 26 1/2 degrees of angle

  • 5/8" blade position pin

  • 8"-wide for better stability

  • 4-position, 3/8"-thick blade pitch stop

Blade Skids

  • 1/4"-thick Skid Mounting Bracket is the widest around for added strength

  • Height is fully adjustable

  • Made from Ductile Steel - The hotter it gets, the stronger it gets

  • Ten times more wear - On dry pavement our standard skid lasts 29 miles versus the 2.9 miles of other plow manufacturers standard skid

  • 3/4"-thick standard, thickest in the industry

  • Widest skid mount available, stronger than anything else out there

Here are more pictures of our quick connect Eagle front mount plow system with ETS. Any questions or for even more pictures of this awesome plow system feel free to email or call us at 815-321-3888.