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Being a father of 3 boys I wanted a rear box seat that I could remove without tools when not needed. I also was a box that was high enough to keep my son in place while on the trail. Hand grips were a must. I also wanted plenty of storage space for extras that are needed on the trail. My search finally led me to Wes. After inspecting it upon arrival I found that it was a real quality product. Nice and thick. The cushions is nice because it is higher around the crotch area to help in aiding agents sliding. The box also comes standard with a lock and key, as well as a rear brake light. The quick release mounting system I developed really made it convenient to remove and mount.

I wanted to utilize the Lock and Ride System. To do so I had to find where to drill the holes for the mounts. First I marked where I wanted to place the box. (Note is is VERY IMPORTANT not to have the box go past the rear part of the rack) For strength you want it to be max flush with it.

I then took off the rear rack. Flipped the box upside down, put the rear rack on top and marked where to drill the 4 holes.

I have been using these boxes now for over 12 years and am very happy with them. When mounted correctly you are able to lift the rear part of the quad in the air. The key is to be sure some of the rubber is under the rack. When you lock the mounts the rubber will bulge keeping the box secure on the quad. This is a great design. When someone what to join you on the quad all you do is place the box on the rack, Open it and flip the mounts closed. Total install time is about 30 seconds!

The Box is sold exclusively at It can be found in our Cargo Box & Rear Seat section. An upgraded version with heated grips is also available! Any questions on this or any other product please feel free to call us at 815-321-3888. Remember here at we test what we sell and only sell the best! This box has passed our thousands of trail miles with flying colors. This box is ATVSuperStore approved!

Our full line of boxes can be found on here.
Looking for a rear cargo box seat that will fit your Polaris Sportsman? Then you have come to the right page! With these kits you can install or remove you rear box in a matter of seconds! Take a look below to see all the different options we offer. Above, you will find our best fitting units for your Polaris units. We even have boxes that will fit the Touring! These storage options are well built, durable and easy to clean. Easy installation and removal, ample storage space, comfortable seating, and additional options make it a perfect choice. We offer a range of foot pegs which enhances your passenger comfort. Then, add a helmet communicator system, and you are not only talking to other rides, but you can include your passenger in the dialogue while cruising down the trail.

Exclusively from is our complete Sportsman Deluxe Plus Rear Cargo Box Kit for your Polaris Sportsman and Polaris Sportsman XP. Our kit comes with 4 custom made lock and ride mounts. Easy on and off with just the flip of 4 mounts. Everything needed to utilize the lock and ride mounting system. This large storage box can easily store two helmets and a gas can or a cooler for your meals. The ergonomic design and profile ensure a great riding comfort. This unit is equipped with an integrated wind protector for your hands 42"X27"17" Has lock with key and third brake light. (NOTE: Not approved for passenger use).

2005-2024 Full Size Sportsman
2014-24 Sportsman 570
2009-2024 Sportsman 550/850

Remember at we test & use what we sell. If you have any question regarding fitment and sizes just call us at 815-321-3888.

I love itApril 3, 2011
Reviewer: Lonnie from Jellico, TN United States
I bought the the wes box for my 2011 polaris sportsman 500 ho and I love it fits nice and looks great

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Great Seat/TrunkMarch 21, 2011
Reviewer: Brad from Colorado
A really well made and comfortable seat with great trunk storage that is easy to mount with the Lock & Ride mounts supplied.

It took about 20 minutes to mount the seat. I took the rear rack off and used it as a template to mark where to drill for the Lock & Ride mounts. Used a drill bit just large enough to allow the Lock & Ride bolt to push through.

When you add the rubber bushing parts back on, make sure you put enough pre-load compression on them so that when you clamp the bracket down, it holds plenty tight. You may need to play with this to make sure the box is really well seated and attached.

The box easily holds a full face helmet on each side and a small Coleman cooler fit perfectly in the center section.

Materials and fit and finish are of good quality compared to some other boxes we have seen. The grips are well positioned and comfortable.

2 Keys for the lock were zip tied to the wiring harness inside the box.

Great product

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awesome seatJanuary 13, 2011
Reviewer: frank fox from baltimore, MD United States
i installed the seat the other day and it was quick and easy only about 15mins and i was riding the kids around on it. it has great storage space and is comfortable to sit on also