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ATV Mighty Tie Tie Down After A Accident!
I received a email from a customer that purchased one of our ATV tie down system over a year ago. It was installed on their company trailer and was in a major accident. The unit they was hauling was a 1900LB Kubota UTV with equipment in the bed of it pushing the weight of the unit over 2000 lb!! The system did its job and kept the UTV in place. Both the truck and trailer were totaled. The UTV only suffered some minor damage due to the fact that the equipment in its bed was not fully secured in place.
Our Mighty Tite system is 100% made of metal. No straps to loosen or break. It is also 100% made in America! See email below.

Accident in Baton Rouge, LA. Mighty-Tite in use during double-airbag deployment accident. The ATV remained in place. Several comments by law enforcement and emergency workers complimenting performance of the ATV anchoring system.

The d
river in oncoming lane was distracted by something and drove left-of-center, our driver reacted to avoid a head-on. The impact was glancing on the front driver's side. Three cars total were forced off the road. At-fault driver was ticketed for careless operation and driving left-of-center. No serious injuries.

Photos to follow

Our replacement for the damaged system arrived yesterday and will be installed on our new trailer this week.