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First ride with a 2022 CFMoto CForce 800XC

I took my newly purchased 2022 Cforce 800 XC for its first ride yesterday. I purchased this quad used with 27 miles on it. After owning 3 wheelers and quads over 40 years and 12 years of owning Polaris Sportsmans. I currently have two 2022's in my fleet to compare with. One is a 2021 Sportsman 850 and a 2022 Sportsman 570 trail limited.

We did 75 rough Arizona mountain trail miles in 6 hours. Only mods I installed were 1 inch spacers for more stability on our off camber trails and our new mirror kit. I was impressed by the quality of the quad. Smooth and quiet. I like how it comes with many extras that other brands charge thousands in extras for. I was amazed that even the controls for lights, starting and 4x4 are illuminated. The right hand brake took some getting used too. Fuel economy was about the same as the Sportsmans but a much larger 7.9 gallon tank. Some things that did not work well for me vs my other quads. The driver's seat. Too stiff. After a day's ride with my Sportsmans I never felt any bum pain but on the Cforce it gave me back pain and tailbone pain. Being a tall person. 6.4 my left side knee kept hitting the shifter housing and now bruised after hitting it all day. Something that maybe would not be an issue if the rear seat was removed giving me more saddle space?

The engine on the CForce is so smooth and quiet and very responsive. I love the sound of it. It does have a little less power at go vs the Sportsman but it's an amazing ride. I did prefer the 800XC at lower rough trail speeds vs the Sportsman 850. Less jerking and less engine braking.

Turning radius is a huge difference. The Sportsman touring is at 96 inches vs the Cforce at 149 inches. That is a full 4 feet more needed to turn around. Something I found out fast on the rough trails and washes that I had to navigate through yesterday. As for weight the CForce is about 200LB more. Something I felt right away. The shocks were stiff and did not do as good of a job as my other quads. It felt heavy on the trail. I tried to adjust the levels on the trail but it was still too rough. It was quite noticeable when I opened my cooler and found several blown sodas due to the rougher ride. The day after my ride I took the shocks off the quad and did a spring adjustment along with the rebound and compression. Now it's much better. But by doing so I did lose about 1/2 of an inch ground clearance. Something that is needed for our rough and rocky Arizona trails. Again this is a quad with 100 miles on it. When we use it more the shocks will soften up with time giving me a more plush ride like with my Sportsman 850.

All quads have positives and negatives. The CFMoto CForce 800 XC has mostly good vs bad. You can not beat the CForce 800 XC for the money. Standard items include EPS, LED lights, horn, 3 stage shocks, 2 inch receiver, aluminum wheels with 6 ply tires just to mention a few. The attention to detail is incredible. Right down to the wiring. No bare wires anywhere. Something I can not say about Polaris. The CForce is a great buy! I'm sure that with some adjustments and time on the trail it will be even better. Now starts the fun! Designing new products for this quad.

On the list of items to make for the 800XC & 1000;
Full plow system in 50 or 60 inch blade size
Mirror Kit
Two rear cargo boxes.
  • One behind the 2nd seat
  • One that will replace the 2nd seat when not in use for extra camping storage

Any questions feel free to contact me at 815-321-3888. Thanks and see you on the trail!


UPDATE 4/2/24

We have now driven the 800XC for 400 miles. It is still just as smooth as it was the first day we got it. We have had one issue which in my opinion we should not have. The one rear LED light is failing. One one strip works on the driving lights. The brake lights are all fine. Part on order at a cost of $170.-

More updates to follow...