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Prairie 650


  • Remove the oem skid plates, starting at the front in this picture.


  • Remove the rear skid plate.


  • Top view and bottom view of Ricochet versus OEM skid plates.


    • Side view of the difference in thickness between the 2 skid plates.


  • Ricochet supplies you with these clamps to take the place of these stock bolts for superior clamping force.


    • This skid plate has you covered, front and rear.


    • This rear plate should really stand up to some rough stuff.
    • Nice job Ricochet!

    I was very impressed when I pulled the Ricochet skid plates out of the box for the first time. They have smooth edges with no burs or manufacturing marks, and appear to be clear anodized. There were cuts made at the bends to reduce stress which were then welded for added durability. I was excited to get them mounted.
    The installation was pretty straight forward. I was hesitant to stand my machine up like the directions had suggested, so instead I did it the hard way. I jacked up my machine and installed them from the bottom. It was a little difficult using this method. If I were to do it over again I would definitely stand my machine up like the directions recommend. The mounting system clamps on to very sturdy frame locations for extra rigidity. Start to finish, it probably took me around 3 hours, mainly because I did it the hard way.

    Product Review #2

    Product: - Ricochet Skid Plate
    Test Duration: - Long Term
    Tested By: - Nathan Hill
    Location: - Southern California and Northern Utah
    Machine: - 2003 Kawasaki Prairie 650
    Review Date: - July 2006


          I have been running the full skid and A-arm Guards by Ricochet for over two years now and the OEM rear skid plate was not holding up to the abuse that I was giving it. Ricochet has supplied ATVPT with the rear skid plate to review and complete the package on my Prairie. Installation of the entire system takes about 1.5 hrs if you stand your ATV on it's end. I have installed several sets of Ricochet Skid plates on my friend's machines and standing the ATV up is the only way to go in my opinion.

    Field Test:

          The rear skid plate by Ricochet covers much more of the swing arm and differential than the OEM did. I feel much better about going over rocks and logs now. The aluminum has special bends in it to make it stronger and the way that it mounts is far superior to the OEM skid plate.

        The OEM Skid plate is rusting where I have creased it due to balancing on large and sharp rocks. I will never have this problem with the aluminum plates made by Ricochet. The stock skid was bent and deformed so badly that I had to use a pry bar to bend it enough to get to the bolts holding it on.

        The Ricochet skid plate is the same quality as the rest of the Ricochet skid plates that I have used for years of abuse. I am positive that I will be just as pleased with this one as I am with the others.

        The OEM rear skid plate does not sit as low as the Ricochet rear skid plate, but it is very minimal and should not stop you from buying this quality product to protect your ATV.

    Long Term:

          In Progress.


        Made of thick aluminum
        Extra attention to detail in the design
        Mounting hardware is far superior to OEM
        More coverage to protect crucial parts of your ATV


        Rear skid plate hangs down slightly lower than OEM

    Bottom Line

      I highly recommend the Ricochet Skid Plates. They are far better than any OEM skid plates that I have ever seen. This company has been great to work with and we hope to do more with them in the future.

    Note: Rear skid plate was provided by Ricochet.