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After a weeks vacation at the beach in Virginia Beach it was time for Daddy to have some fun! We loaded up the rig & started our drive to the mountains of WV. Thanks to our Diamond Back truck cover we were able to take the quads with us on our family trip!

We arrived for a day of riding at Little Coal River Trail System in Hatfield-Mccoy WV. The crew at Big Earls Camp Ground did a great job making us feel right at home. This camp site is great since it is connected to the trails.

We had our 2012 Sportsman 850 XP & 2012 Sportsman 500. Our units were equipped with our rear boxes Kit B & Kit C, fender guards with foot pegs for the little ones. We had installed the new STI Roctane XD tires on STI wheels for protection from sharp rocks, Rotopax fuel cans in the front box of the 850XP, fender flares to keep the mud off as well as protection from Ricochet for our a arms. We also had our Collett Communicators to be able to talk to each other on the trail.

Friday morning we were off on the trails. We had our 2012 Sportsman 850 XP & 2012 Sportsman 500. The Coal River trail system is nice for a family ride. After a few hours on the trail it our boys Espen age 7 & Sloan age 3 were ready for lunch on the trail. Thanks to our boxes we were able to have all the food and drink needed to keep them happy on the trail!

Then we were back on the trail for a few more hours of fun. We really liked this smaller trail system for a days ride. Nicole & Sloan gave it a thumbs up at the end of the day.

Nicole and the boys.

Thor and the boys

With the proper equipment ATV's can be fun for the entire family. I love nature & being able to share the beauty of America with my family. There is nothing more exciting then seeing the eyes of your little ones light up when they see something new. May it be a new type of bird or a lizard, the feeling you get inside seeing how your little ones are so excited to experience new things in life with you.