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Aluminum or plastic armor.

This is the never ending question I get over the phone. "Thor what is the best armor for my quad? Aluminum or aftermarket plastic"? First what do manufactures use to mount Aluminum or plastic armor to a ATV? Not plastic. Try to connect a armor kit to a quad with plastic and see what happens.

Now a true story.

Back in August of 2013 we were riding our quads in Florence WI when the DNR decides to jump off there quads and wave at us to pull over for plate checks. I had already passed so I pulled over. My 7 year old son was behind me on his Polaris Sportsman 90cc. He got scared of the strangers jumping off the quads and waving at him and turned away from them. Problem was that where he turned Daddy was parked. Boom at about 20 + mph he went into the side rear of my quad. His Sportsman went between the bumper and rear a arm of my quad. He was fine. Just shaken up from the accident.

The impact of accident pushed my rear a arm about 1.5 inches towards the front of the quad. Needless to say our trip was over for the weekend. However because I had installed aluminum Ricochet a arm guards the damage was not as bad as it could have been. I was able to drive the ATV 20 miles back to the trailer.

After talking to my mechanic I was informed that due to the design of the aluminum Ricochet a arm guards and how they mount to the quads, they actually strengthen the a arm area. If I did not have them the tubs of the a arms would have bent or even broke & the rear tire would have been pushed into the frame.

So you decide. Aluminum or plastic? I know my answer!