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We just pulled in last night from our ATV Trip to SD and CO. What a great time. We arrived in Custer SD on Friday. After arriving we found that the air bags on our rig were blown causing the tires to wear down to the metal on the inner part. We had to wait almost a week for 2 new tires and air bags. Because of this we were not able to make it to Utah. 

The riding in the Black Hills is incredible! There is more trails than days in the year! WOW. Our host Duane from Hats America showed us all the local spots. It was a blast! We did about 700 miles of exploring the week and a 1/2 we were there. The last day we were there the jagged rocks took got my rear tire and wheel. Our TheATVSuperStore tire repair kit did the job. It took 8 plugs but we were back on the trail and rode 50 + miles back to the site. The tire is still holding air! 

Here are some pics of our trip. 

Espen taking a break after a long days ride 

Top of Bear Mountain. 

Love the open areas that SD has to offer. 

Big smile from the wife! 

Nicole on top of Bear Mountain in the look out tower. 

Target shooing SD style! 

Back on the trails with the locals! 

Espen taking a break by the cave. 

Not even a 8 ply Grim Reaper tire can withstand a sharp metal poll in the ground! This tire held air for the rest of our 2 1/2 week trip even with all the plugs in it! 

Monday we took off to CO. We ended up at Estes Park. What a beautiful area. We parked at the Yogi Bear Camp site which has a trail connected to it. We were off again for a few hours of play. The views were to die for.

Great camping site! Next to the trails. 

Look at the beautiful view of the cliffs Thor (said the wife). 

Overall the trip was a experience of a life time. We envy those who live in these areas and get to experience these places on a daily bases! Thanks again to Duane of Hats America in Custer SD and Randy the owner of the Yogi Bear Camp site in Estes Park CO for all your help with finding AWESOME trails!!