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We put our best selling ATV cover to the test. 2nd week of December we parked one of our units outside to endure what nature has to offer. We wanted to test our best selling trailerable ATV COVER for both 1 and 2 up units. Even though this is a universal cover it has many adjustments for all size quads with and without extras like windshields & boxes. Our test unit was a 2012 Sportsman 500 with front brush guard, low windshield, mirrors and our best selling Kit A rear box seat. After covering up our unit we made the final adjustments to the cover and said good by to the Sportsman for 2 months!

The quad was parked outside in all types of weather. From rain, wind, ice, snow and 20+ below zero temperatures. The winter here in Northern IL has been one of the roughest to date. With over 60 inches of snow this year. It was time to dig out the Sportsman to see the final outcome.

After removing the cover were were very happy with the outcome. Our quad was just as clean as when we covered it 2 months ago. Our Expandable heaviest-duty cover did its job. It protected our quad from all the elements.

If you are looking for a cover to protect for your 1 or 2 up ATV we highly recommend our best selling ATV cover which can be found on the ATV accessories page or by clicking on this link ATV COVER. Again this cover can also be used on your trailer to protect you quad from the salty winter roads if needed. If you have any question on this or any other product please feel free to call us at 815-321-3888 or email us. Remember here at we test & use the products we sell and only sell the best!

Thor 2/12/14